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Day 9 | Coney & Staten Island

Me and my friends agreed that we were going to meet at the subway station today to go to the New York aquarium in Coney Island and then head back to Manhattan to take the ferry to Staten Island and take pictures of the skyline and the statue of Liberty.  

A lot was closed in the aquarium so it didn’t take us long to get through everything. We did go to the 4D experience which was a story about Spongebob and jellyfishes. It’s a bit like the 4D-movie in Walibi. 

The aquarium is really close to the beach, we decided to take a walk and take pictures there. It was really cold because of the wind but I took some nice pictures anyway. Before we took the subway back to Manhattan we stopped to eat something, so we arrived at the ferry when it was dark already. 

We took a lot of pictures even though it was really cold and windy. Our plan was to just go to Staten Island and immediately take the ferry back, but I think I might go back again (during the day) in a couple of days. 

Back in Manhattan we took the subway to their apartment for (late) dinner. We ate potatoes and pasta, watched a movie and talked about culture, Trump, school/education and many more things. At about 2 pm I took the subway home (there’s no time limit on the Q train yay!) and went to bed. 

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