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Day 5 | Times Square and Williamsburg

Today I finally managed to sleep a bit longer so I didn’t leave the house until noon. My plan was to go to a market on Union Square and walk around, but it was quite a bit smaller than I thought it would be so I only bought some maple cotton candy and walked towards Times Square. 

After that I took the subway to Williamsburg, explored the streets and the graffiti until it was time to eat. I decided to go to this cute vegan place called Little Choc Apothecary that serves crepes. The one I ordered is a ‘newtella’ (homemade hazelnut spread) strawberry crepe. It was really good.

At night I went to the Williamsburg Cinemas to watch La La Land, a movie about two artists trying to break through and pursue their dreams. When the movie was finished, I wandered throught the streets of Williamsburg and found my way back to my room. New York is very pretty by night, but I’m also very tired, so maybe I’ll find the time & energy to watch and capture the lights of Manhattan tomorrow.

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