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Day 3 | Snowy NYC

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This morning I woke up at 6 (the jetlag is getting better I guess) and went for a walk in Prospect Park. I was planning on going to a market it was a bit too cold so I went to a grocery store instead and got myself a chocolate chip cookie and an almond cappuccino at a cute vegan cafe called by Chloe. 

Fortunately for me the subway is a lot warmer than the streets because I got lost. I tried to get back to the aparment I’m staying in but for some reason the subway didn’t stop at where I had to transfer to get on the right line so I had to go back a couple of stops to change there instead. I don’t really get New York traffic, underground or above it.

There’s also some progress on locating my suitcase, which I’m quite happy about. I called again and called with a guy from the airline I flew with for 30 minutes (I’m sure it’s cost me a fortune), but he made a file for my suitcase AND I’ll be able to see the progress myself without having to call them, which is a lot easier and saves me quite some money. I’m not really sure why the other two employees I talked to didn’t make a file for me but it’s been taken care of now so I guess it’s good. 

The rest of the night I spent editing pictures, writing this and looking for something to do for tomorrow. I think I’m going to go to the Brooklyn museum (that’s a 15 minute walk) and see what I feel like doing after. 

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