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Day 10 | It’s snowing again

I slept in this morning because it was quite late last night, once I was awake I edited the pictures I took yesterday and after that I went to Whole Foods to buy food for the upcoming days. 

It’s been snowing all afternoon so after Whole Foods I just walked around Williamsburg for a while and then I went home to eat because at 7 pm I was going to volunteer for Brown Paperbag NY, a movement that hands out food, gloves, scarves, clothes and whatever else you can think of to homeless people in New York. First we gather everything together, then we put everything in bags so it’s easier to hand out and then we walk to the subway stations, helping out everyone in need we see on our way there and in the station itself. 

The homeless are very grateful – especially on a night like this, when it’s very cold and they have to go inside. I really enjoyed doing this because you’re giving something to someone who needs it and who is less privileged than you are, and you’re both gaining something. It was a really great experience and I’ll definitely will do something like this again.

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