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Day 31 + 32 | Beverly Hills & Packing

The last thing I wanted to do in LA was to go to Beverly Hills, so that’s what I did on day 31 so I would have the last two days to pack. First of all, public transport in LA is really as bad as they say. Until now I took the train mostly, or the bus for short trips but I took the bus to Beverly Hills and I was in there for about an hour (after the machine took my 5 dollar bill and didn’t give me anything back) and the busdriver told me that this was the last stop, while it wasn’t supposed to be according to the app I used. 

So I walked the rest of it and there comes the second thing, I thought there were a lot of palm trees in LA just in general but somehow Beverly Hills has double the amount. It’s kinda crazy. Anyway, it’s pretty and I walked around for a bit, walked over Rodeo Drive and tried to find a museum I wanted to go to only to find out that for some reason it was closed – and didn’t feel the need to mention it anywhere on the internet – so I went back. It was fun though.

The next day I just spend at home all day eating the things I had bought for on the plane (oops) and packing. I’m excited to go home 🙂

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