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Day 26 | City Hall + MOCA

This morning I took the bus to City Hall to visit the observation deck, that looks out over all of LA. When you come in you have to put your bag & everything you have in your pockets into baskets, go through airport-like security and even show your ID to get into the building. Once I was up there, the view was amazing. The sky was pretty clear so you could see as far as the mountains. I took a lot of pictures there and someone started talking to me. It was quite random but also really nice as he had lived in LA for a couple of years and could tell me about what exactly I was seeing. 

After a while he had to get back to the courthouse as he was serving as a juror and I went to Grand Central Park, which is right in front of the City Hall. I lunched there and then went to the Museum of Contemporary art. 

The museum has a lot of interesting art and I really enjoyed walking around there. I took pictures of the pieces I liked the most and included a few in this post. When I was done at the museum I went back to the city hall – through the airport-like security again – to take pictures of the sunset. The sun was really bright so I had to play around with my settings a bit so you’d be able to see what I was trying to photograph. A guy (who’s damn good at photography – check out his instagram) helped me with that  a bit – I’ve never been good at finding the right settings for when there’s little light. Anyway, my pictures turned out pretty great and I’ve gotten myself a new goal to save money for: a sony A7RII. 

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