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Day 26 | Azusa & Highland farmers market

I made a list of some things I still wanted to go to/see while I’m still here but for some reason both of the museums I want to go to where closed today. So I changed my plans and went to Azusa – a city about an hour away from Lincoln Heights. I heard about it because it’s the last stop of the metro gold line, the one I take almost every day. I guessed it’d be close to the mountains as it’s further from the city and I was right.

As I looked out the window of the train I noticed that people were building stands for a market when we stopped at Highland Park station. When I got back from Azusa I went out of the train at that stop to check out the market. It was a small market but they sold great popcorn and I even tried some fruit I never have seen before (I have no idea what it was). 

It was around 4:30 pm when I went back to Lincoln Heights so right on time for the sunset and I just spend the rest of the night at the apartment.

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