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Day 23 | DTLA & Hollywood

I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do this day so I just took the train downtown. I talked to a girl from Amnesty International and I might be getting coffee with her to talk about politics and what not. After that I went to a mall to go to Target (oh my god that store is huge – I’m pretty sure they sell every single thing you could possibly want to buy there) and then I took the train to Hollywood where I walked around for a bit, past Hollywood forever cemetery and then finished it on Hollywood boulevard.

Hollywood boulevard is honestly one of my favorite places in LA so far. Most of LA is really chill and not that busy but there’s so much to see and to do in that street. It’s a lot like Times Square and I like it. I spend some time talking to the superhero’s (batman, too, this time) and even got a dollar for a picture I took for someone.

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