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Day 21 + 22 | Hollywood Boulevard & Lincoln Heights

I met Superman today. Someone spit on Donald Trump’s walk of fame star (it wasn’t me, I swear) and I saw a lot of young artist trying to make money by selling their music. A lot of people with big dreams come to LA, they sing that NY’s lights inspire you but you come to LA to fulfill those dreams. Superman was a guy from Ukraine who hopes to make it into the movies one day. But for now he walks up and down Hollywood Boulevard in a Superman suit to make money.

As for the difference between New York en Los Angeles, most of LA is a lot more quiet and relaxed than New York, but Hollywood Boulevard does remind me of it. Imagine it without the palm trees and a couple degrees colder and it’s like I never left.

The next day I had to do grocery shopping, so I did that and then I spend the rest of the day in the neighborhood (which might sound boring but Lincoln Heights is really beautiful so it was everything but boring).

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