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Day 18 + 19 | Arts district & downtown LA

The weather was pretty bad on day 18, so I didn’t go out of the house until the rain stopped, which wasn’t until 4/5 pm. But I had a couple of things to do (like sorting out receipts) and there’s always Netflix. 

The next day the weather was better, although there was still rain and I believe I even heard thunder. I went to the Los Angeles Mall (which was a lot smaller then I thought it would be) and after that I walked through little Tokyo and the arts district back to downtown LA where I went to a bookstore. After that I walked to the nearest station and went back to the apartment.

On my way to the arts district it started raining again and someone gave me an umbrella. It’s really nice to see how good people can be in a world where an oompa loompa is now president of the US. 

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