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Day 16 | Rain in California

It was raining in the morning and the puddles on the road were crazy but I went to the grocery store & the laundromat anyway. I watched a part of Trump’s inauguration from the laundromat but it was in Spanish so I couldn’t understand it. But I’ve read plenty about it on social media. 

In the afternoon the weather got a lot better and I went to the Santee Alley, a street full with clothing and make-up shops in downtown LA. 

I walked back from the Santee Alley to Lincoln heights which is about an hour and then I made dinner for myself with what I’d bought in the morning. I got really tired at about 8:30 so I took a shower and went to bed at about 10. For some reason the jetlag seems to bother me more now than it did when I got to New York.

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